Monday, September 19, 2011


I have been traveling a lot lately - well, at least a lot more than usual. In one hotel room, I found this.

The hotel had taken time to give me a personal welcome, and I had a much better experience for it.

As we plan activities and set up our spaces, we must create welcoming spaces.

Place materials in a pleasing arrangement so kids will want to use them.

I sometimes add words, pictures, verses, or sentences to suggest ideas for kids.

But mostly the materials should be placed to welcome kids into exploration.

Check out Sherry and Donna's blog for Irresistible Ideas for creating attractive, welcoming spaces. They are so much better at it than I am.

But I'm learning that arranging materials in a welcoming way encourages kids to play and learn.

What are your best ways to create welcoming spaces?


  1. YOU are IRRESISTIBLE indeed Mr. Wiley!!
    Donna :) :)

  2. SO important, Scott. We only have to think of ourselves going shopping... there are inviting shops and uninviting shops, and it's all about the window dressing.

    Even during the day I make an effort to go around re-setting so that stations remain orderly enough to be inviting. And yours look very much so!

  3. I like to think of the setting up of an experience as the creation of an invitation to come and explore and experiment. Even as adults it is hard to resist beautifully presented displays that just make you want to touch and feel and explore especially in the area of retail. The same presentation to children of carefully selected materials can engage them in rich, meaningful and thought provoking play.