Wednesday, August 31, 2011

V is for Vehicles

We are honoring Teach Preschool and the 20,000 members who have joined the Teach Preschool Facebook page. (If you are not reading her blog or a member of her page, you really need to plug into this fantastic resource.)

ABC's of Teaching Preschoolers

To help Deborah celebrate, we're posting the ABCs of Teaching Preschool. You'll want to blog-hop to find all the posts. But, in honor of Deborah and her fantastic blog and Facebook page, this blog post is brought to you by the letter V.

V is for Vehicles, cars and trucks

in colors of every hue

We love to drive on roads of tape

Going over and under and through

Our roads stretch and cross and tangle up

leading to many places

Then down a long drive away from it all
we rest in parking spaces

We love to use our blocks to make roads

Or tunnels to drive through

We build garages for cars to hide

And twisty racetracks, too

Yay cars! Yay trucks! Yay vehicles!
We could use them every day

We love our cars and trucks and roads
Because we get to PLAY!

Congratulations Deborah and Teach Preschool! (I want my blog to be like hers when it grows up.)


  1. How fun to see all the ways you can drive in preschool! Thank you Scott for joining me today!

  2. & you're a poet to boot! A man of many talents :)

  3. Playing with cars - trucks and trains is one of my children's favorite activities - it's fantastic how this activity can be extended!

  4. Well, Greg, I did have "V" so it seemed verse was required. :)

  5. Leanne, I'm always amazed at how the kids invent new and different ways to explore vehicles.

  6. Scott, I've learned so much from your posts about blocks and vehicles in play. I have a group that loves this kind of play this year---I'm excited to see how this will play out this year!

  7. Such a fun post. We love anything related to vehicles at our house! Thanks for sharing your ideas! We're totally going to have to try building block garages and hiding our cars. My son will get a kick out of that.

  8. Fun, fun, fun! Can see myself getting down on my knees with my son with the cars, tape and blocks. We did it with chalk as kids. This will be childhood revisited!

  9. I've said it before and I'll say it again ... "I LOVE that cool, colourful masking tape!" ... Great post Scott. :) :)

  10. Sensational Scott! Love the poem, love the photo's, love the fun! :)