Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Exploring Writing in a Different Way

At this point in the year, the kids are writing and reading really well. Most of them write notes and books. They experiment with spelling and sounds. They use writing implements of various types and mix them to get the results they want.

This week I brought an old laptop for the kids to use. The kids enjoyed typing on the computer. The computer gives another way to explore writing, creating type.

Some typed familiar words - a name or another word.

Others explored repeating a letter or alternating letters.

Some just typed and typed and typed, exploring pressing letters and seeing them appear on the screen.

The kids have learned that writing has a purpose. We used our writing this week for a waiting list. I printed names...and then the kids printed their names...for turns on the computer.

Our timer helped kids know when their turns were over. Some immediately added their name to the list for another turn.

We'll continue to use the computer throughout the month. We're continuing to explore reading, writing, and print, building our strong foundations for more learning.

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  1. Great idea! This is a wonderful way to help kids connect the relevance and meaning of their words and writing to their parents' writing and work!