Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Simple Materials, Simple Fun

Sometimes the simple activities are the ones that kids enjoy the most. This week we had magnet letters hidden in shredded paper. We started in a shoe box but had to graduate to a larger box.

The kids found the letters and hid them again.

We tried some different ways to find the letters. Sometimes we dug in the paper. Sometimes we took the paper out and sorted through it.

But we always cleaned up the paper, putting all the pieces back in the box.

The kids had a great time with this. They enjoyed it more than I could have predicted. This reminded me that sometimes just a simple activity, one without a lot of extras or high cost items or high tech equipment. Just paper (that would have been trashed anyway), box, and magnet letters. As Sherry and Donna would say, it was irresistible.


  1. Interestingly Scott I purchased some things today which were boxed up in shredded paper and when I unpacked them and removed the paper I popped it into a large paper bag. Unconsciously, while talking with my son I spent ten minutes simply running my hands around in the bag of paper ... I know this because eventually Chris said, "Mum what on earth are you doing?" ... It was so tactile and beautiful ... as you said it felt irresistible!
    Donna :) :)

  2. Love the search! Shredded paper is so texture-ly rich and crunchy and utterly fabulous. So many uses for it...as well as just having fun running your hands through it, like Donna (above comment) from Irresistible Ideas :)