Sunday, May 29, 2011

Circle Prints, a New Way

We're finishing up talking about families. This week we decided to do circle prints. In the past we've used paint with an assortment of circle makers (PVC pipe, film canisters, marker lids, plastic cups). This time we were already using paint somewhere else so we added our great stamp pads.

Kids could make circles (the same or different sizes) and use the gel pens to draw in faces.

Some kids drew faces in their circles, making families or just faces.

Others liked to experiment with making circles.

The washable stamp pads were great. We could clean off a circle to change to another color.

A wet paper towel on a tray allowed this to be easier.

I enjoy using paint to make circle prints, but this was a great alternative. We'll probably try it with our animal cookie cutters and other print-making materials, too.

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