Monday, April 25, 2011

Time to Pay It Forward

I just got a package in the mail from Mom and Kiddo at What Do We Do All Day? I was a winner in the Pay It Forward game on their blog. I now have a wonderful book, map, and postcard from Brooklyn, New York! So cool.

Now it's your turn. I am ready to "pay it forward" and send out some Nashville/Tennessee stuff to three others. If you would like to participate, please leave a comment on this post and I will randomly choose three players. 

Things to know--
  • Anyone who comments between now and May 6 is entered in the game.
  • If you enter and win, you agree to Pay it Forward to three more people on your own blog.
  • If you win, you'll need to send me your mailing address (through e-mail not posted online).
  • You will get a collection of Tennessee and Nashville "stuff."
Comment below. Let me know what you'll do with your "winnings" or why you want to win stuff from the Volunteer State or what you know about Nashville or what you like to do with kids on a warm spring afternoon. Share whatever you like and I drop your name in the hat.

Thanks, Mom and Kiddo, for the fun NYC stuff! 


  1. This is such a fun idea Scott:) I want to play!!

  2. I have been to Nashville many times. My daughter used to figure skate and we went there for competitions. We always went to a place downtown and tried some line dancing.

  3. Sounds fun! I have never been to Tennessee. In my 3rd grade classroom, we studied the 50 States each year. I would love to add what you think makes Tennessee special to my states collection.

  4. Of course! I've never been there, but would love to one day. My husband and I said from the beginning that our family vacations would be to travel our wonderful country. There is too much history here to ignore!

  5. I'm not entering of course, but You're Welcome!

  6. Can I play too Scott? I don't know much about Nashville. I think of Country Music - Dolly Parton, Keith Urban ( I know he was born in N.Z. but I think he might live there or sing there or something!) I couldn't find it on a map if you paid me! I'm assuming it's the capital of Tennessee but I don't know for sure! I don't know if it's big or small. Apart from country music I have no idea what other industry it's known for. Because of the country music thing, I think it is a farming state. As for climate - snow in winter and hot in summer ... maybe?! But I'm pretty sure you do get tornados! ... and shamefully that's all I know (or not). Clearly I need to educate myself.
    Donna :) :)
    Now I've declared my ignorance I'm heading straight to google!

  7. Donna, I'm impressed with all your knowledge. I could not do the same with Melbourne. I'll certainly enter you, too!

  8. I'd love to play along too. I love to pay it forward! I'm a big country music fan -- the more positive stuff :).