Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Through Other Eyes

Recently I was going through my photos from the classroom and I discovered this one.

"What is that?" I wondered. This certainly doesn't resemble most of my other photos. Do you know what it is?

When I take photos, I roam around the room, capturing kids in action or the materials they are using. Also during that time, I'm interacting with kids. I talk about what they are doing; I talk about whatever our emphasis is for the day; I ask questions; I join a game; I suggest and assist as needed. In doing that, I often lay down my camera so I can be involved in whatever is happening.

That's the moment captured in my mystery photo. I had laid the camera on a table to interact with kids. On the camera's screen was a close-up of the table and its faux wood grain design. "J" saw the design and looked at closer inspection. At his suggestion, I clicked the camera to capture the image.

This photo reminds me to see with a child's eye. What to me may look like just a close-up of a table because the camera was laid there may be a wondrous design worthy of photographing. So, today, I'm going to try looking with more wonder and excitement. Look beyond the surface to the beauty, the awe, the fun beneath.

And I must admit - that photo does look pretty cool.


  1. Scott- I do find it very interesting to see what the children choose to photograph or pay attention to. We collected a number of older digital cameras and let the children take photos. It is always interesting to watch what they decide to be photo worthy!

  2. It's been on my list to get some simple/inexpensive digital cameras for the kids to use. Thinking about the possibilities makes me want to get that done for sure.

  3. Sweet Scott, very sweet! ... Oh, and cool shot BTW!
    Donna :) :)

  4. Found your blog from your facebook page. Thanks for all the helpful links you post there.
    Candi D