Monday, March 21, 2011

Favorite Things: Bean Bags

I've used bean bags in various ways over the years. For the past few years we haven't had many bean bags or used them much. Then recently I purchased this set from Discount School Supply.
Photo from Discount School Supply

I bought them just for fun. First we used them for a game.

Put colored paper in the game mat.

Label bags with matching colors. In the bags put whatever you want the kids to choose. We were choosing letters to spell friend.

Toss the bean bag and draw from that bag.

Repeat - toss, draw, match.

After a while, the boys wanted to just toss. I made a "target area" with some cones.

We enjoyed this game for a day.

But the best things we've enjoyed is using the bean bags when we're together as a group. Sometimes we use the great oldies rock songs on the included CD. Sometimes we play other games as a group. Sometimes we just shake the bean bags to the beat - these bean bags make great shaker sounds when you shake them.

I have rediscovered the joys of bean bags...and these have become my newest favorite thing.

What's your favorite way to use bean bags?


  1. I love bean bags Scott - I don't do enough with them either but I have a wonderful set that I always keep around:)

  2. They are the best! I forget about them often, but when I get them out the kids get so excited!

  3. When I use bean bags, I always feel like I need to have a "plan" of what to do. I don't do that with other materials; I usually just let the kids explore. Maybe I think bean bags will get out of control? Hmmm.

  4. scott,
    I haven't used beanbags for forever, but I used to use them often!
    Thanks for the reminder, I've used them in lots of circle games to music, and have had fun with "sliding like a snake trying to keep the beanbag on your back", dancing of course and using the beanbag to touch body parts, tossing the beanbag, and catching... I'll have to get some beanbags for my kids. Wonderful post.

  5. We use a CD purchased in the UK called beanbag wraps, great little exercises to do with a beanbag as time fillers, or when children need to "Waken up!":)

  6. I love your way of making a bean bag game educational! We use our ABC Mat a lot around here and I can see that being a great tool for this!

    I'm featuring this post on my weekly High Five! this week.

    Stop by and check it out :)

    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

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