Friday, October 8, 2010

Favorite Things: Play Dough

A couple of weeks ago we used play dough for the first time this year. I was interested in seeing what this group of kids would do. We had rollers and a few other tools plus a few letter cookie cutters. 

We used the tools to cut lines and letters.

We cut lines with a pizza cutter and then smoothed them out.

We experimented with the tools to see what would happen.
(Notice the stick that migrated from another activity.)

Sticks can be used to make wavy lines even more wavy.

Pounding is another fun part of play dough.

One of the tools made holes. One friend made lots of holes.

We even spelled words.

We rolled and folded. We flattened and pushed. We molded and stacked. We had a great time with the play dough.

(And the place mats kept everything a little neater.)


  1. We use play dough almost everyday:)

  2. Us too, Deborah. You'd think it would get old after awhile, but there are always kids playing with the play dough, all the time, every day. I think it has do be one of the best toys ever!

  3. Good ol' play dough is always a winner with our children too Scott. There wouldn't be too many days in the year we don't have it. They really enjoy it with glass 'treasure' stones and feathers or pop sticks and patty pans. Then again who am I kidding ... they love it with ANY THING or NOTHING! They just LOVE it!
    Donna :) :)

  4. We love to build scenery from play dough for small action figures. It's always a blast! Now you've inspired me to whip up another batch. I haven't made homemade playdough in a long time!