Sunday, September 19, 2010

Using Our Lids Again

This week we used that collection of lids again. We used tape to create three letters on the floor. The letters related to words that were the focus of our story this week. By the tape letters, we put containers of lids and the cube blocks. We encouraged the kids to outline the letters with the lids and blocks.

I've done this type of activity before. I want to work in letters and literacy whenever I can, using their growing interest in letters and words as an avenue for talking about other concepts. I always encourage choices and let the kids experiment with their own ideas. So I tell the kids that they can outline the letters or they can build something with the materials. Usually the kids build on top of or to the side of the letters, engaging the letters only a little.

This time the kids really took to the letters. First a group of kids put the lids on all the letters.
A three-colored letter
All one color
Can you find the 2 BIG lids?

Then another group of kids took off all the lids and worked on outlining all the letters with the cube blocks.

Even within this activity the kids worked to express their own ideas. And we were able to talk about letters, the words and Bible story, and the concepts. I love incorporating their interests and growing skills in different ways to learn even more.
Both blocks and lids!

And I got to use my collection of lids again!


  1. That is so cool - I am definitely borrowing this idea:)

  2. Hee ... hee ... hee ... and I remember when you were wondering what on earth you were going to use all those lids for Scott!! Clearly you've come up with some irresistible uses for them ... and this one is a beauty!
    Donna :) :)

  3. Hello! I've written a round up of bottle top play and learning ideas and have included this awesome post. I hope that you don't mind me using one picture and your link. If you'd like me to take it out of the post just give me a shout :) The post will be live on Monday 11 February. Keep up the fabulous work :)

  4. Thanks for linking up your lid activity! What a great way to work on letters!