Sunday, September 12, 2010


This past week has been a busy week. I've had all day meetings and lots of work. Not really a bad week but very busy.

However, I've been out of sorts. Something just didn't feel right. I felt disconnected. And finally I realized why. I have had little time to spend online - reading blogs and connecting with my online friends. And that's when I realized that my connections online are an important part of my network.

I do get many ideas from my blog friends. But it's more than that. I follow what they are doing in their classrooms and in their lives. I feel connected to them as I do the colleagues I see every day. I get inspired and encouraged. And this week, I missed being with my friends.

So, thank you, online friends, for your ideas and your friendship. I missed you last week. And I'll be back this week, so watch your comments spaces!

Some of my regular connections are in the column at the right. Who are your favorite connections?


  1. I agree! I am still pretty new to the world of blogs and online connections, but missing a day or two seems so strange. I love taking the time to visit blogs and see what so many great folks are up to. It is so encouraging and inspiring. It also gives me some "big people" time, don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my young friends, but the online connection to colleagues is amazing. Thanks for being part of that community. :)

  2. I get inspired by you too Scott :) I'm feeling a bit disconnected from the bloggy universe too. I seem to have lost my blogging mojo. Hope to find it soon!

  3. I totally get where your coming from Scott as I think only fellow bloggers can. If I don't check in on you and Jenny and Tom every day I feel like something is missing too. Then of course there are all the other wonderful blogs I 'need' to read daily for inspiration which are far too many to mention!