Thursday, May 13, 2010


We tried a new weaving activity this week. I put out a variety of metal/wire baskets (and a couple of plastic ones) that had openings. Add a few lengths of ribbon and encourage the kids to weave.

P and H worked on one together. (It's always great to see kids working together on a project.)

H continued on it alone, alternating colors.

M decided to try some fancy weaving. I'm impressed with how she was able to get the ribbons to stay in the formation she made it.

The kids began on this particular project late in the day so they didn't get to spend a lot of time on the weaving before parents arrived. But they seemed to enjoy experimenting. We'll try it again.

Cost was super cheap. I found all the baskets at the thrift store. The ribbon was on sale at the craft store!

Another idea: Use cooling racks. (See Prekinders blog.)


  1. This looks great Scott. It must have something to do with me, but I've never had a successful weaving project. I can see it's possible. Okay, I'll try again! =)

  2. Tom, I've also had many unsuccessful weaving projects. This was probably the most successful one I've ever done. I'll do this one again.

  3. Weaving is one of those things that is tricky for preschoolers to grasp. I like the idea of having these baskets. Maybe it's because the gaps are sturdy and wide. I think I'll try this in my centers area. Thanks for posting this! :)

  4. This really is such a terrific fine motor and eye/hand coordination activity.

  5. That fancy weaving is off da hook! Great activity for fine-motor skills. Love it!!

  6. We offered the children a group weaving project using a giant box laced with cord. This was probably our most successful weaving activity. We now have a large net which we are going to stretch across a frame and give them a go with that. We just find our children love the whole team work thing!! Donna :) :)