Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Deluge

We've had historic flooding in Nashville this weekend. And we're just beginning to recover from it.

When I say "we," I mean the city. I was so water or damage. Well, I did discover a new leak in my roof so that needs tending. But I did not experience the rising water or flood damage that so many around the city have experienced. My office downtown also has not experienced any of the devastation.

The only way I've been personally impacted is driving along and suddenly facing a detour because of water on the road. Or seeing a huge lake where a driving range or horse farm usually sits. Sometimes I feel "guilt" because I escaped with so little impact and others face so much.

But I've been so proud of my adopted home. People working together, helping each other. So many more mindful of the hurt that their neighbors are facing than anything that's happened to them. We'll keep working together to pull the city back together. (And if you are planning to come to Nashville for a visit, we're still open!)

I haven't talked with my kids yet. I'll be interested in hearing their stories and discovering their thoughts on what's happened.

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Photographer: Chuck Bryant


  1. Mister Rogers tells a wonderful story about disasters. Whenever they saw one on TV, she would say to him, "Look for the helpers." And sure enough, pretty much every person you saw was helping someone else.

    I'm glad you got out relatively unscathed, this from a guy in volcano and earthquake country!

  2. I saw the news coverage on this! Wow! I am glad you are doing well!

  3. Oh my goodness, and to think Australia is in drought. What is Mother Nature thinking?
    Donna :) :)

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