Monday, March 29, 2010

Palm Sunday

We celebrated Palm Sunday this week. Here are a couple of the activities we did, both using tape!

We made palm branches to wave.

We used green construction paper strips, green tape, and thin dowels.

Ms. Cindy showed how to tear a small length of green tape and attach a couple of strips to the tape, leaving part of the sticky tape uncovered.

Then wrap the tape around the dowel. Make several layers to create a palm branch.

We had fun waving the palm branches to music.

Even if you don't celebrate Palm Sunday, these can be fun to make. Use other colors for colorful streamers or even pom-poms.

We also made shakers.

We used Crystal Light containers, construction paper, stickers, thin masking tape, and rice.

First we decorated paper with tape and stickers. (Cut the paper to fit the containers before you start.)

Some of us made scenes with the tape.

We wrapped the paper around the container and taped the edges (or something used a glue stick).

We put some rice inside the container and glued on the lid.

We enjoyed shaking the shakers to music (and using other instruments!

Shakers are fun to make and fun to play. Use any container with a lid. You can decorate the container directly with stickers and tape instead of using the paper. Fill with rice, beans, aquarium gravel, plastic beads, or anything that will make noise. 


  1. We had a great time waving them. And we discovered that if you hold the stick between your hands and rub them together, it spins like a helicopter!

  2. The palms are so fun, much more fun than the real one. The shaker, different size will produce different sound :)
    Thx for sharing, Scott

  3. I love the palm branches too and he shakers look like excellent fun:)

  4. I like your palm branches, especially if they also can turn into helicopters! Your palm idea was much better than my painted green maple seed pods, glued to cardboard.

  5. We are HUGE fans of music Scott using it in our program every day. We love listening, dancing, moving, making and relaxing to it. These shakers look so cool ... we bet the children had a ball with them!

  6. What kind of tape is that skinny colored tape?

  7. I got the skinny tape from Discount School Supply. It's narrow masking tape, sold in set of several colors. Go to Discount School Supply (link at right) and search for 8WWNMASK (their item number).

    I ordered it by mistake but we've been enjoying it.