Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saying Good-bye

This past Sunday was the last week I had with my current class. Now those children are off to their new first grade class...and I will get some brand-new, baby kindergartners. 

We had a great year. I learned a lot and I hope the children did, too. Sunday was a day of saying good-bye. Cindy and I received some nice notes, gift cards, and cookies. We had a party--muffins and fruit. We also had teaching, including a few of our favorite activities.

In group time, after the Bible story and other regular activities, each child received a new Bible. We talked about going to the first grade class and using the new Bibles. Then Cindy and I helped each child find the Bible story (Acts 16) in his (or her) new Bible. A new bookmark went in that place. Many of the children were very excited to find it, and all were happy to have a bookmark in the location of the Bible story.

One new thing this year. I made photo CDs for the children. Each CD had a copy of a book we made as a class (Our Book About Sunday School) with photos and the children's captions. I added 4-5 photos of each child to his CD. (I took lots of photos this year!)

Overall, it was a great day. I was tired after the session was over, and felt slightly sad. I'll miss this class. I learned a lot about teaching, especially teaching a large group of boys. Each child has a unique personality and a unique place in my memory. I see some strong leaders, some inventors, some thinkers, and some daredevils. Quite a group - a group of individuals that God loves and that I hope discovered more about that love this year.

Printing by Garrison
Photo by R. Scott Wiley

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