Saturday, June 6, 2009

Do They Apply?

In group time, we were praying. One of my girls prayed: "God, be with Mrs. Cindy on her trip. Help her when she goes on the airplane." 

In Sunday School, my kids hear about the truths of the Bible. Cindy and I tell them Bible stories and Bible verses. I strive to help them know and understand what the Bible teaches. They tell me facts and recall Bible verses. More than that, I hear them express an understanding of those facts and verses. They tell me what the facts/verses their own words.

But my job is a failure if I'm not helping children apply those truths, to begin to practice and live out the Bible. I saw evidence of that happening in group time that day. That kindergartner had heard that God wants us to pray to Him. She had learned that we can pray and ask God to help others and that God will hear our prayers. And now she was practicing what she had heard and understood. She was praying for a friend, asking God to help on a trip. I'm so glad that God allows me to play a small part in the spiritual development of kindergartners. And, sometimes, I get to see His work in their lives.

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