Thursday, May 21, 2009

Ten Meaningful Affirmations for Kids

Affirmation helps boost a child's confidence and inspires him to persevere. Affirmation encourages a child to keep trying and to feel successful. The best affirmation are words that are meaningful - that connect to what the child is doing. Think about how you can use concrete, meaningful words to affirm the preschoolers or kindergartners you teach.

1. You used all the blocks to build your tower.

2. I can tell you are really thinking about this.

3. Your paper is covered with paint. Tell me what you did.

4. You worked together to finish that large floor puzzle.

5. Thank you for helping put away the dishes. We make a great team!

6. You are helping us get ready for group time when you put away the crayons.

7. That was a good idea.

8. You are working hard to finish that.

9. We did it! Give someone a high five!

10. You came up with a great solution to that problem.

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