Thursday, March 26, 2009

Board Game My Kids Love

I'm always on the lookout for ways to have fun resources for teaching that won't cost me a lot of money. In fact, homemade resources are often the way I like to go. Then, if something happens and the game/toy/whatever gets damaged, I'm not that concerned. I can always make another one.

Here's  a board game that's easy to make. And the kids have a great time playing it.

Gameboard: You can use any size piece of paper or poster board. I used 12-by-18-inch construction paper. Cut paper shapes of 4-6 colors. Or use stickers in 4-6 colors or designs.
Print START in one corner and FINISH in another. Use the paper shapes or stickers to create a path from start to finish. I placed the colors randomly to make the game less predictable. Draw lines along each side of the path. I didn't do this when I first made the game and children had difficulty knowing which squares to follow. Adding the lines made it much easier to follow the path. I laminated the gameboard to make it more durable. This also makes it easy to tape the gameboard in place on a table when playing. The gameboard has lasted through 3-4 groups of kindergartners.

Spinner: Cut a circle to fit a lazy susan. I glued matching colored strips to the circle. You could 
glue colored wedges or draw wedges and place a few matching stickers in each wedge. I laminated the circle before taping it to the lazy susan. Cut an arrow from paper. Tape the lazy susan and arrow to the table...near the gameboard.

Game Pieces: I use foam shapes. Other items for game pieces: small Legos, marker lids, large buttons.

Play: Place game pieces at START. Spin the spinner and determine which color the arrow points to. Move to the next square of that color.

We use this game all the time - usually when the Bible story includes someone traveling from one place to another. We used it last week (Abram moved to Canaan) and may use it again this week (Jacob left home). My kids play it again and again, sometimes creating new rules (move 2 colored squares; start over if you land on another player). Fun!

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