What If Everybody Understood Child Development?

Summer 2015

What If Everybody Understood Child Development? by Rae Pica

Chapter 1 - All Children Are Not the Same
Chapter 2 - The Earlier the Better? 
      Chapter 3 - The Power of Joy
Chapter 4 - Bubble Wrapping Not Required
Chapter 5 - When Did a Hug Become a Bad Thing?
Chapter 6 - Teaching Girls They're More Than a Pretty Face
      Chapter 7 - Doing Away with "Baby Stuff"
Chapter 8 - "But Competition Is Human Nature"
      Chapter 9 - Terrorist Tots?
Chapter 10 - The Myth of the Brain/Body Dichotomy
      Chapter 11 - Why Does Sitting Still Equal Learning?
Chapter 12 - In Defense of Active Learning
Chapter 13 - "Play" Is Not a Four-Letter Word
Chapter 14: The Body Matters, Too
     Chapter 15: Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic...and Recess
     Chapter 16: Why Kids Need "Gym"
Chapter 17: In Defense of Authentic Learning
     Chapter 18: Who Should Lead the Learning?
Chapter 19: The Trouble with Testing
Chapter 20: Failing at Failure
Chapter 21: Should We Teach Handwriting in the Digital Age?
     Chapter 22: Just Say "No" to Keyboarding in Kindergarten
     Chapter 23: iPads or Play Dough?
Chapter 24: The Homework Debate
Chapter 25: In Defense of the Arts
Chapter 26: No More "Good Job!"
Chapter 27: Bribes and Threats Work, But...
Chapter 28: Time to Give Time-Out a Time-Out
     Chapter 29: "You're Outta Here!"
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