Saturday, September 28, 2013

Remembrance and New Commitment

This week has been a rough one. A couple of days this week were very frustrating and not very productive.

We've been through quite a few changes. My students had to move from their former classes into mine and get into new routines with me. (And I had to do the same for them.) Then our grade level changed how we're doing reading/language arts classes - some students move to a different class for the morning to better meet needs. We've introduced centers and some other new routines.

And this week we seemed to just have come apart.

When the class comes apart, I know it's me (my reactions or my lack of clear expectations and supports). But I still get really frustrated with their behaviors and the "out of control" feeling. In fact, this week I pretty much felt like a failure.

Then I remembered what happened this time last year. My friends lost their son. (See my post about Sam.)

It reminds me of why I wanted to make this move in the first place. It renews my commitment to being a better teacher.

We have a break coming up in a week. I'm spending that time thinking about what changes I can make in our classroom.

I've been called to be a teacher. I may fail but I'll keep trying.

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  1. Well said Scott! I too feel like a failure sometimes and need to refresh, reflect and renew my commitment. I like reading your blog because you are honest and you share the not-so-good times as well as the good (and that's refreshing). For many regular teachers out here you are reflecting what we think, feel and need expressed so thanks for that. You ARE making a difference!